Vancouver Island, BC Canada


Alan Mayfield  -  Victoria Lavender Farm 1899 John Rd, North Saanich, BC. Canada. V8L 5S8

Alan Mayfield: On September 3rd 2014 we took delivery of our new stripping machine the LCE2100 and I am pleased to share my experience to date and satisfaction with the machine. With our new machine we comfortably have been stripping 4-5 bunches a minute, or 240 - 300 bunches an hour. The vortex (in-line) fan connected to the 25 ft. duct (supplied with the machine) permits us to operate the machine in the drying barn providing a clean and dust free working environment for my operator, and as an additional benefit it extracts virtually all the dust and seed from the product thereby saving us one sieving step.  We stripped approximately 1100 bunches, cleaned the buds and packaged up 26 kilos ( 57 lbs.) of finished product during our most recent 5 hour run. We have approximately 9,000 bushes of Grosso; it takes little effort to recognize the much enhanced productivity enjoyed. If any potential customer wishes to contact me, I will be happy to share, in more detail, our experience with the LCE 2100.

Liz Bunz

Such a long time since we communicated - I think not since “Lucy” arrived this May 2016 (my preferred name for LCE2100).

I want you to know how much we love her!!! She works beautifully and our visitors are quite fascinated by the whole process.  Our lavender harvest was sooooo much more efficient this season and we sang your praises every time we stripped 😉

Beulah Land Planning Ltd., Abbotsford, BC Albert Janzen Cell: 778.549.2605 Email:

Albert Janzen: You can use me as a reference if you wish to anyone that is thinking of buying your lavender cleaning machine. It’s a great investment and I can hardly imagine how anyone would want to be in this business and hope to be efficient without this equipment. There is more than enough manual work to do as it is with the lavender business so it is wonderful to have at least one aspect of the harvest which can be done at a faster pace. You have built a great product.

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