Vancouver Island, BC Canada


Important and compelling performance data

Valuable Performance Statistics:  The values for hand cleaning were provided by another lavender farmer on Vancouver Island. they show the much enhanced productivity of the LCE2100 versus hand stripping.

LCE 2100 Performance Numbers VS. Hand Stripping

Bundles stripped per hour 345 VS. By hand per day 254

7.5-hour work day X 345 = 2588 VS.254

Labor cost $12. /hour, daily cost $90

Days to strip 11,000 bundles (x Intermedia Grosso)

4.25 days VS 43.3 days

Labor cost $382.50 VS. $3,897


NOTE: Average harvested bundles per mature Grosso plant is 5 to 6 bundles

Operation of the LCE2100:   Harvested lavender results in fairly standard 125 – 150 stems per bundle. The bundles need to be dried until ‘bone-dry’ which simplifies and speeds the task of removing the buds from the stems, regardless of the method used

The LCE-2100 is operated by one person. A bin containing dried lavender bundles is placed close by. The operator picks up a bundle and inserts the flower end into the LCE-2100. The brushes strip the flower buds in just a few seconds. The operator moves the bundle around a little to ensure that as many buds are stripped as possible.

As the LCE-2100 operates, the inline-fan draws off lavender dust and most of the chaff & seeds exhausting this through an attached 25' hose, which is supplied with the machine. The end of the hose is routed outdoors.

The stripped lavender buds drop into a hopper located at the base of the LCE-2100. A coarse screen captures large debris from entering the hopper.

Herb Growers: Please note the LCE2100 is excellent for stripping dried herbs such as Rosemary, Mint and other similar herbs.

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