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LCE2100 Development and current model LCE 2100-MK II

LCE2100 Development and current model


I worked, on and off, for two years to develop the machine that is now in use. The most difficult part of the design was to get brushes that would work quickly and yet be safe for hands to come in contact with, after much trial, this has been achieved.

In addition, to remove the dust which has always been a problem even with hand stripping, an inline-fan was incorporated. The fan takes the dust away from the work area and it also removes much of the chaff and seeds thereby delivering stripped bud in a cleaner condition than can be achieved by hand.

It does not draw the buds up and out, they being heavier than dust fall into the hopper/bin.

The brushes power source is a sealed electric motor which ensures a long operating life and avoids harmful dust accumulation clogging the coils and the risk of explosion.

This is the first machine sold in 2014, and a few others sold in 2015 in both the US and Canada.


The latest model 2016 (LCE2100-MK II):

Shown below with several sales in Canada and in the USA and numerous enquiries from Europe. 

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MODEL 2016 (LCE2100-MK II)
MODEL 2016 (LCE2100-MK II)