Vancouver Island, BC Canada


"Quality - Efficient - Safe"

Lavender Cleaning Equipment Machines

Quality – Efficient - Safe

The old, slow, painful, arduous, dusty and costly “hand stripping” now is a thing of the past. The Lavender Cleaning Equipment LCE 2100 was first launched in 2014; it has two brushes counter rotating which very quickly removes the buds from the bundles with minimal shredding of the stems and in a dust free environment.

Preamble and some background: My name is Christopher Carruthers. I and my wife Julia,  have lived and worked in Canada for 50 years. I retired from the oil industry in 1991 and moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia where I started and managed other business interests until 2008 when we moved to the Cowichan valley where we designed and developed our lavender farm – a wonderfully rewarding experience.  We recently retired from farming early 2017 with the sale of the property to a great young couple who prospered well this their first season. 


Why we developed the machine.

The lavender plants flourished (1,400), looked wonderful and the scent was so calming – we were in seventh heaven. Then the truth set in. Hand stripping dried lavender is arduous, dusty and downright unpleasant, save for those times when we beguiled friends to help with the stripping, bribed with the promise of a good lunch and wine. It worked a few times. 

For two more years we stripped by hand and then by pure serendipity we discovered there was a machine on the island used for stripping lavender and it could be rented. We arranged to rent the machine ($100/day) and hauled all our lavender to the owner’s lavender and herb farmer and started stripping our lavender bundles.

The conditions were not good – choking from the dust with results less than hoped for.   But it was much better than hand stripping!

This is what we worked with:

You might notice the mask, clearly not a dust free work place.

We made notes, developed some drawings and our prototype started in 2012 with this rudimentary looking machine.

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